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Bad Alien Apparel is out of this world (in Florida)!

Introducing my girl Taylor I first met Taylor in ...

Rack the Weight- Keep your barbell heavy not your heart

I first met Emelia in late spring of 2022 ...

The Mystery you NEED to read this summer!

I first met Martha at one of her and ...
Happy Juice

Happy Juice! Now in Bradenton + Sarasota

A couple months ago I stumbled across a post ...

Best beach mystery books EVER!

Teresa Michael is a mystery author in Sarasota, Florida, ...
Phone tiles

Organized chaos! How to get yourself back on schedule

Is there really a method to the madness? Apple ...

10 Ways to boost your business

I absolutely LOVE coming up with ideas to help ...

Let’s talk about eggs baby!

I don't cook much but there a few meals ...

10 ways to show Mother Earth some LOVE

The first Earth Day was April 22nd, 1970 and ...
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