Bad Alien Apparel is out of this world (in Florida)!

Introducing my girl Taylor

I first met Taylor in early 2021. Taylor is about 5 feet (maybe), slender, with super cool long dreadlocks, tattoos, and her own unique sense of style. We ended up being neighbors. She moved in with her hairless sphinx cat, tons of t-shirts, and art. Over the coming months and weeks, we became friends as neighbors do, she’s wicked smart and creative, and I really enjoyed our conversations. She is the one that convinced me anyone can wear a crop top just depends on the top as she tossed a Bad Alien sphinx cat black crop at me and said, “here, this is yours, it’ll look good on you”, three years later I still love and wear that crop top. So much so I have a “Tough Love” crop top in my Love BB line. Taylor ended up moving out and I moved shortly after, but we kept in touch. 

Taylor is a Florida small business owner, freelance graphic designer, and does screen printing and designs for other companies (tri-fecta). This is why in the summer or early fall of 2022 I reached out to her about collaborating on the t-shirts I wanted to do. I wanted to pick her brain on what it took, how to proceed, what to expect, and I trust her. I finally launched Love BB Living, LLC in January of 2023 and reached out to Taylor that same month to start working on my shirts. A year later I have the beginnings of three lines and working on my fourth with four more coming out in 2024.

Please take a moment to find out more about Bad Alien ApparelTaylor’s portfolio, follow her on social, or connect with her about freelance work and how to make your vision come to life. I love, love this girl as my friend, and respect her as woman business owner, an artist, and a collaborative partner. World, my friend Taylor.

How does she do it all and keep shooting for the stars?

BB: How did Bad Alien Apparel come to be? 

TG: I always wanted my own clothing company when I was younger. I knew I would be involved in some kind of apparel niche. In my younger years I did a lot of experimenting with psychedelics which gave me the design influence I have today.

BB: How old is Bad Alien Apparel

TG: Seven years old 

BB: How did you come up with the name? 

TG: My best friend would always refer to a Bad Alien, so I thought why not pick that? The company was a symbol of our friendship and the crazy psychedelic knowledge we experienced.

BB: What is unique about Bad Alien Apparel

TG: I like to create designs that have hidden meanings, some that only I have the deeper understanding to them. Making it that one of a kind piece that someone can connect and relate to.

BB: What inspires your products? Do you just know what you are going to do, or does it come to you? 

TG: Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian culture inspire a lot of my products. I’m constantly a nerd for “Ancient Aliens “ and I get some of my inspiration from their facts and cosmic theories about aliens and the universe.

BB: How would you describe your company’s success so far? 

TG: Overall, branding of the company at events and festivals with my designs and tent. Through the years I got myself to a point where I am comfortable with the way I use Bad Alien as my networking source for contrast and retail screen printing.

BB: What do you love about your business and what you do? 

TG: What I love most about vending Bad Alien is being able to travel to all these festivals all over the United States. You meet so many people and have all the connections and that gives you so many opportunities to grow and build relationships to help further your business.

BB: What market(s) do you serve? 

TG: Festival/ Electronic Music based, Music Artist / Painters

BB: What are some of the challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in starting Bad Alien Apparel and overcome along the way? 

TG: The vending scene can be wishy washy, ever since COVID we hit a lot of issues with a rise in vendor fees and travel costs which takes away from our opportunities to make money at festivals with so much money invested to get to the event. 

BB: Are there any resources you found useful when starting your business? Such as the small business administration, consultants, or coaches?

TG: I have never really looked into using any of those resources to grow my business.

BB: Now, you are also available for hire as a freelance graphic designer, and you do screen printing and design for other businesses (such as yours truly)- why should other local businesses hire you and how do they find you to book a consultation? 

TG: I put a lot of passion in my work. Many companies look at clients as money and a job. I take each project and put as much love into it as I would for my own company. Weather you come to me for design work or screen printing I’m more excited to print or create something you had a vision of, and you put faith in me to present the most high-quality products that you can share with the world.

BB: Any exciting news or new products on the horizon? 

TG: Getting back into the motions to get this Transdimentional Collection released and releasing more limited design products.

BB: If anyone wants to place an order what is the best way to do that? 

TG: You can reach out via email

BB: What are you jamming out to right now? 

TG: Dad Rock vibes

BB: Favorite local spots? 

TG: Golden Dinosaurs / Gulfport Florida 

BB: What do you like to do in your down time when you have it? 

TG: Skateboard & go out and enjoy nature (when Florida isn’t 100 degrees)

That’s a wrap folks. Please check out Taylor’s portfolio,  follow her on  Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to follow Love BB Living while you’re at it. Thanks for reading more about Florida women small business owners, artists, and wicked creative geniuses.

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