I wanted to let you all know Glow Getter Skin and Morgana now operate under Lush Injectables full-time offering all her services and so much more in joining with Farah and the team at Lush. I was just at their new office on North Rhodes Ave in Sarasota for my glowing skin and it is absolutely beautiful! Here are the current specials and membership packages. There are payment plans too. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I am excited to introduce you all to my girl Morgana. Not only because she is amazing as a new business owner, but as a woman, a professional, a mother, and just someone get this woman a cape already for goodness sakes! 

Morgana and me

Let’s start at the beginning. Morgana was referred to me by hairstylist’s assistant about a year ago and I’m so happy she did. Morgana and I connected instantly! Her energy is illuminating, and she listened to me. I felt heard! We discussed what would be good for my skin, what I was hoping to achieve, wanted to maintain, and how to do it. It was a combination of things, and while I have pretty good skin, my skin was radiant after seeing Morgana. But then she moved to open her own business and I didn’t know where. So, when I went in this past January at my hairstylist, I asked his assistant if she knew where Morgana was, and she showed me Morgana’s new business InstagramFacebook, and her site. I instantly sent her a message, bought a package, scheduled my appointments and here we are today. Reunited and my skin feels so good! 

Here is what I hope you get out of this interview

If you are looking for the key takeaways- here they are:

  • You don’t have to have an MBA to start your own business.
  • Take care of your skin.
  • Skincare is not just a “woman” thing- go get your facial on fellas!
  • Support local small business owners and professionals.
  • Don’t settle for boxed solutions- get a customized solution and plan.

For those of you that don’t read the interview Morgana is offering a 3 pack of hydro facials with dermaplaning for $320 right now. Just tell her BB sent you. 

You will want to read the interview so stick around keep scrolling. 

BB: How did Glow Getter Skin come to be? 

MS: After almost 17 years as a licensed esthetician working with and for different people, I decided I wanted to branch out on my own. It’s always been a delight to work for people who are also service providers or medical professionals, but I found it much more challenging to work for owners of spas or med spas that were not medical professionals or service providers. Their focus is on selling, selling, selling, and not always doing things the proper or ethical way.  I decided the only way I was going to operate the way I wanted was to start my own little spa. 

BB: How did you come up with your name Glow Getter Skin? Why a mermaid?

MS: Glow Getter means (noun) A driven busy woman who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out. It’s how I think of my clients.  I have many fabulous, hardworking, super smart women as clients who I am lucky enough to talk with while I work on them. I’ve gotten some of the best advice from my clients. Not to mention inspiration, support, and laughs. The mermaid is an ode to Weeki Wachee Springs. An old Florida Tourist attraction that puts on under water mermaid shows in a natural spring (Weeki Wachee).  I worked there for 5 years in my late teens and early 20’s as a performer so it’s very special to me. Plus, who doesn’t love mermaids? She’s Glow Getter’s mascot. 

BB: What is unique about Glow Getter Skin?  

MS: Every facial is customized every time. Our skin isn’t always the same and it should not be treated as such.  There are lots of exciting things on the horizon, as well!! I’m really getting excited about what is to come. 

BB: How would you describe your company’s growth so far? 

MS: I took my very first client September 1st of 2023 so I’m still a baby company. With that being said, the support from existing clients has been tremendous. Lots of word-of-mouth referrals. I’m trying to get better with the social media. I know that is huge.

BB: What do you love about having your own business? What do you love about what you do?

MS: I love being able to make judgment calls without having to jump through hoops. Also, if I need something for the spa, I can just get it.  What I love about my job is seeing the transformations with skin, sometimes instantly and sometimes gradually. I also really love the people I am able to meet and chat with. The days are never the same. 

BB: What market(s) do you serve? 

MS: My clients are men and women that range in age as young as 13 up to 93 and ½ in Manatee and Sarasota County and surrounding areas. 

BB: What are some of the challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in starting Glow Getter Skin and overcome along the way?

MS: Ha! I am not a businessperson. I just jumped right in. So, it’s been a crash course in that, and I am still very green. I like to learn as I go, apparently. When I rented my space the owners of Salons by JC , Steve and Janelle, told me about Sunbiz. I just went on the site and formed my LLC. It was pretty easy. Sunbiz has consultants that guide you along the way. Also, again, my clients have been a wealth of information. My bookkeeper is also a great source of help. I’m kind of attached to her. 

BB: Is there a current book or podcast that you are reading/listening to now or before? 

MS: Med Spa Success Strategies is great. I just started listening to it. Lots of helpful tips for business rookies like me.

BB: Any exciting news on the horizon? 

MS: Yes!! But I can’t say yet. But YES. 

BB: Boooooo! Just kidding, I completely understand. 

BB: If anyone wants to book an appointment what is the best way to do that? 

MS: The best way to schedule an appointment is my website www.glowgetterskins.com and please message me with any questions you have.

BB: Any specials or promotions going on right now or coming up? 

MS: I’m offering a 3 pack of hydro facials with dermaplaning for $320.  

BB: Favorite local spots?

MS: I don’t get out much. Osteria 500 in Waterside is lovely. 

BB: What are you jamming out to right now?  

MS: My Spotify is all over the place. This week a lot of Eminem and Chromeo.

BB: I never would have guessed either of those! Both are great! Just never would have guessed them.

BB: What do you like to do in you down time when you have it? 

MS: What is downtime? Get a massage!!! Have a martini and watch some horrible reality show.

Featured Services:

  • Hydro facial
  • Facial and chemical peel
  • Brazilian wax
  • 02 Lift

Glow Getter Skin is located at:

5376 Fruitville Road, Suite 6

Sarasota, Florida 34232

Thank you for your time and for the being the beautiful, smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial, businesswoman that you are! I’m just so happy to have you back and to share you with everyone because I know how awesome you and your services are and I trust you. I mean come on, it’s my face. People must trust the people working on their face. Ok, they need to trust any professional working on their body BUT especially their face (in my opinion anyways). 

Don’t forget to follow Glow Getter Skin on Facebook and Instagram.

To my BB Lovers, thank you for reading, sharing, and reaching out to the business owners and professionals in our communities. Much love and until next time- BB


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