10 ways to show Mother Earth some LOVE

The first Earth Day was April 22nd, 1970 and this year’s theme is to “Invest in Our Planet” . You can help by being a part of the “Great Global Cleanup”. and It’s simple to do on your own or as a team to help clean up our communities, beaches, parks, and waterways. Find an event near you on the Earth Day site . If you don’t see an event near you then do a local search (aka Google my friends). I’ve listed 10 ideas below help you show our planet some love.

Every little bit helps

  1. Pick trash up at any one of our gorgeous beaches and parks- Florida State Parks is having their 33rd Annual Earth Day Festival
  2. Events organized by your communities- for example, volunteers are signing up and organizing to update and revitalize an east Bradenton community
  3. Sarasota’s Sunday Farmer’s Market theme for this year is “Eco Urban”
  4. Do you know what plogging is? Neither did I. Plogging is when you are walking, running, jogging (plogging along) and you pick up the trash you see (bring a bag)
  5. Reduce your waste by signing up for e-bills and reusable grocery bags
  6. Invest in a reusable water bottle (your water will stay colder, taste better, and you will have more of it). You’ll save money (that’s why it’s investing and not spending).
  7. Invest in glass containers instead of plastic Tupperware
  8. Buy and/or grow organic food
  9. Buy local produce (my favorites are Detweiler’s Farm Market and the Sarasota Farmer’s Market when I lived down there)
  10. Plant a tree or two dudes or donate to have one planted

Have fun, get outside, enjoy the fresh air, all while helping to make our communities and our planet healthier, cleaner, greener, and better.

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