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Just a Cincinnati Girl Living in a Florida World

After a couple years of all the “starting a blog is easy messaging” (it is not easy by way not at all) and hearing from respected peers, colleagues, and friends that I have stellar ideas, good advice, adventures, life journeys and a healthy sense of humor that could help others I decided blogging would be the best way to share with you. So, here I am uncomfortably typing about how awesome others say I am (awkward).

Who am I and why should you care?

Hi, I’m Becky. I grew up in the Nati and moved to Florida in my early twenties, then Colorado in my thirties, and then back to Florida during the pandemic. I’m passionate about supporting, sharing, and empowering small businesses, artists, authors, and other creative geniuses. I also like to help save dogs and other critters along the way. I’m a fiercely loyal, hilarious, insightful, candid, empathetic, and kick ass friend, sister, daughter, aunt, and dog mom. I really enjoy food, spirits, travel, movies, and Disney parks. I’ve never married (not that I wasn’t asked) and I’ve never had children (by choice) and that’s ok.

What exactly will you find here?

I’ll be writing about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Just kidding. Well, actually, I’m not. The different categories are on relationships with friends and peers, business building ideas, dogs, artists, authors, food, travel, and personal journeys.

Tribe Life

You will find (at least I have) that you are who you surround yourself with-past, present and future in Tribe Life. These wonderful people are your closest friends and confidants at every stage in life. Yes, I understand I’m in my forties and I still have lots of life to live (hopefully). I’ll be gathering insight from women of every age that are part of my life circle. Girlfriends are the greatest soul sisters every one of them.

BB’s Business Beat

In BB’s Business Beat I’ll be sharing, promoting, and interviewing small business owners in our communities that I go to, want to go to, am a member of, or stumble into on one of my adventures. If you are a business owner and you haven’t hit my radar yet please send an email or message me on Instagram. I’ll follow you back and stop in if I can and if I can’t we’ll figure something out. I have over 20 years of experience in market and business development. I’ll share some top tips, tricks, and ideas at least once a month.

Must LOVE Dogs

Of course anyone with love and compassion for our animal friends of any kind will find value here and enjoy some stories about Mr. Gates, Roxanne, and animals that could really use your help in finding their furever families. If you have any good stories about your critters please share them and with your permission I may post them on your behalf.

Artists, authors, and other creative geniuses

Those who cannot create collect. In a past life I was an art history major who wanted to be an iconographer. To this day Donatello’s David is still my most favorite piece. My second favorite is by an artist named Liza Compass (who happens to be my cousin). I have one of a kind hand made jewelry by a friend of mine named Jesse, my mother is a local author and mystery writer. Not to mention many of my friends who have published books over the years that I would love to share and discuss with you all.

Art, music, theatre, and creativity are such an important part of shaping our communities and culture, and I just could not imagine life with out them.


It’s all about food and drink. All of it! The good, the great, the better, and delectable. Restaurants, breweries, food trucks you name it!


The Journey category is broad. This is mental, physical, spiritual, life, energy, and all things I have explored or am exploring (keep it clean folks, not that kind of journey).From yoga, chakras, reiki, meditation, getting back to the gym, crystals and much more. I’m not an expert I’m simply exploring. This section will also include travels and adventures.

That’s a wrap for now. If all of this even helps a few people, pups, and businesses or brings anyone any joy then this was time and money well spent. Until next time.

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