Let’s talk about eggs baby!

I don’t cook much but there a few meals I do enjoy making and breakfast is one of them and if I don’t feel like making breakfast I like going to brunch with my mother or girlfriends. I do prefer organic free range eggs with those beautiful golden yolks (ah, sooo good) but sometimes I get what is on sale. Add fresh strawberries and blueberries as a side to any of these or one of your favorite sides. So, with out further a do here are some delicious egg dishes that I hope you enjoy in no particular order.

Eggcellent yummos

  1. Over easy eggs (2) on avocado (gluten free) toast and sometimes I like to toss crispy bacon there
  2. Easy peasy scrambled eggs (don’t overcook) that are still moist and the I put avocado on top of those too
  3. Breakfast burrito- this one is more work. Scrambled eggs (gluten-free) wrap, bacon, shredded potatoes (hash browns), bacon, cheese, and white sausage gravy (or green chili if you can get your hands on it.
  4. Eggs Benedict- really any benny will do and I go out for these
  5. Deviled eggs- one of my best girlfriends makes the best damn deviled eggs I’ve ever had
  6. Hard-boiled eggs- is there anything better or simpler? Crack it, peel it, throw some salt on there and bam- snack and they are great on a salad too
  7. Egg salad- not my thing but I have friends that love a good egg salad sandwich
  8. Quiche- I don’t make these I buy these and usually by the slice because there are a lot of calories in those crusty baked egg pies of yumminess
  9. A smash burger with egg- a late night treat (usually after I’ve been out with my girls)- its a greasy burger topped with cheese, hash browns, and a fried egg. I absolutely LOVE IT! Zero guilt. Hence, the “smash burger” because I smash that burger in my mouth.
  10. Easter eggs- a pretty hard boiled fun that is fun to make, decorate, and then eat

I hope these were helpful. Sometimes we all just keep eating the same thing the same way all the time and that is well, boring. What are some of your favorites breakfast meals? Has anyone made green eggs and ham?

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