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A couple months ago I stumbled across a post about woman here in Bradenton, Florida that had started her own juicing business and I thought, “This is great! I love fresh juices! I hate juicing” and I don’t know about you but I prefer to drink my veggies rather than eat them. Not only have I loved every juice I’ve purchased but she also takes the extra care on mine to limit some foods I’m sensitive to such as pineapples and oranges. Happy Juice provides excellent healthy products, superior service, and a warm fuzzy customer experience, Not to mention all the time it saves me, if you have ever juiced you know it’s time consuming, messy, and cleaning the juicer sucks. Happy Juice makes me a happy girl.

World meet Ashley Burns owner & operator of Happy Juice

When you meet Ashley it’s like walking into the morning sun. She’s warm, kind, welcoming, and patient. Ashley is a Florida native and the founder, owner, and operator of Happy Juice with locations in Bradenton and now Sarasota. When she’s not busy juicing away to help us all live a bit healthier she enjoys boating, paddle boarding, fossil hunting, yoga, working out, and healthy baking. She’s married to a fireman and they have 3 pitties. She is also a cancer survivor and juicing helped her to kick cancer’s butt (find out more about her journey on her site) You can follow Happy Juice on Facebook and find her products on her website.

BB’s small business beat with Ashley Burns

Ashley Burns owner and operator of Happy Juice- Bradenton + Sarasota

BB: Hey babes, thanks for taking the time to share more about Happy Juice, being a woman business owner, getting started, and your journey so far. Please tell us how Happy Juice came to be?

AB: I started Happy Juice in the middle of chemo about year and a half ago.

BB: I love the name, how did you come up with Happy Juice?

AB: I wanted a simple name that was easy for people to remember and it just sounds joyful.

BB: What is unique about Happy Juice?

AB: I created this from nothing but a dream to help others.

BB: Such a great answer and true. Your passion, purpose, and you reflect that in your products. Love it! How do you source and select your ingredients?

AB: I source as much as possible through local farms.

BB: How would you describe your company’s success so far?

AB: Word of mouth by far has been the largest contributor to Happy Juice’s success and continued growth.

BB: You mentioned delivery is available, what is the service area for that?

AB: Bradenton, Sarasota, Anna Maria, and Palmetto.

BB: What would you say make up your primary market segments?

AB: People living or wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, healthy diets, and active lifestyles.

BB: I see that. I fit in there, however, I cave, I love pizza, burgers, beer, wine, hell, I love food girl! But I have a pretty solid routine of eating well most of the week and working out. I could do better but we all could right. What are some challenges or obstacles you’ve faced and had to overcome while building and growing Happy Juice?

AB: Sooo many during the pandemic, outgrowing kitchens, outgrowing my juicer, and learning how to run and operate my business.

BB: Are there any resources you found useful when starting your business?

AB: Word of mouth, social media, and other small business owners.

BB: I heard about you through one of the social media groups we are are both a part of and the rest is history, ha ha ha. Any exciting news coming up this year for Happy Juice?

AB: Yes! Expansion and a few other secrets.

BB: Surely you can share with your ol’ friend Becks off the record (wink, wink) ha ha. What days and hours can customers get juices and what is the best way to place an order?

AB: Depending on what is in stock any day. The best way to place an order is to text me at 941-840-4715

Wrapping up

BB: This has been fabulous information! Before we go tell us a little bit about what you’re watching, reading, or listening to now?

AB: Right now now I’m re-watching Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead,

BB: I know we are both passionate about our pups, are there any local non-profits or causes you support and why?

AB: Satchel’s Last Resort Dog Rescue. They rehome and reahab dogs and cats with no where else to go due to breed, behavior or medical issues.

BB: Well, girlfriend, thanks so much for taking the time to share your business insight, growth, and experiences so far with my growing audience. I love sharing the things I love and find with people, and supporting local business owners, especially woman owned businesses which is a personal passion for me. I am super excited to watch you and Happy Juice flourish! I’ll have to do a follow-up in interview in a year. I’ll see you soon babes!

Hey gang, don’t forget

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Ashley and Happy Juice. Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments and please remember to follow Happy Juice on Facebook and to check out the website for products.

Coming soon I’m interviewing a talented artist out of Brandon, Florida. I purchased one of her pieces a year ago and I just adore it. I also have another woman owned business interview coming soon, she’s in the retail space (I have some sweet shirts from her) and wicked sharp creative young woman.

Until next time much love friends. Be kind to each other. – BB

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