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Teresa Michael is a mystery author in Sarasota, Florida, the place where everyone is flocking to whether it’s for vacation or forever. Please join me for a spell as we learn a little bit more about Teresa, Libby, and Mariposa Beach.

About the author

BB: Thank you for your time and for sharing more about you, your work, and what inspires you. How did you come to be a mystery writer?

TM: Happy to be here! After spending my entire career in health care, I decided to follow my passion and become a mystery writer. I’ve always loved a good mystery, so I became a full-time author since retiring. I enjoy reading, writing, chocolate chip cookies, nature walks, and travel adventures with my family. I’ve visited 49 states having spent 9 years on the road working for a healthcare software vendor and many years as team manager for the US Archery Team for the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games and many other national and international tournaments. I’m a member of the Florida Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, Women Fiction Author, and Sisters in Crime. I live in Sarasota with my husband and two cats and I hope to someday visit that 50th state.

BB: How many books have you written and which one is your favorite?

TM: I’ve written 4 books in the Mariposa Cafe mystery series, the 4th book will be released very soon. I’ve also written a book of Mariposa Cafe short stories (which actually began as my college thesis) and a novella.

BB: Where do you get your inspiration?

TM: Everywhere

Your current work

BB: About your current work, you have a 4th book in the Mariposa Beach Cafe series coming soon, is there a particular place or places that inspired Mariposa Beach?

TM: Florida is the location that inspired the stories. When I wrote my senior thesis, I had to write 3 interconnected short stories-that was the beginnings of Mariposa Beach and the characters. There are parts of the fictitious town that are based on many different places in Florida. The town is set in Southwest Florida, where I live. the Mariposa Inn is based on a hotel in Del Ray, Florida.

BB: Do one of the characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why?

TM: Libby Marshall, the protagonist. Libby is my favorite because she was the first and a lot of what I am not. Smarter, taller, and braver.

BB: You created Libby so, I would argue you’re smarter Mom (yes, Teresa Michael is my Mom, pretty cool huh). So, Mom, will there be a book 5 in the series?

TM: Yes. (People, this is all I got out of her on book 5, a yes. Sorry.)

What are you working on now?

BB: Rumor has it you’re working on another series. What can you tell us about that?

TM: I am working on a Bed & Breakfast series set on the banks of the Ohio River. It’s called the Harrington House Mysteries. I grew up in Ohio and I think the countryside on both sides of the river are beautiful, especially in the fall.

BB: What was your inspiration for this story?

TM: I stayed in a cool B&B in Cincinnati when I go visit my daughter. I thought it would be a cool place to set a series.

BB: Any other works in the pipeline?

TM: Yes, I have a couple of ideas for a Mariposa mystery and my editor wants me to do a Christmas story featuring Rachel from Mariposa Beach.

Activities and community

BB: Tell us more about “Sisters in Crime”, who are they what do you do?

TM: Sisters in Crime is an international inclusive community for all who write and love crime fiction, mystery, thrillers, and suspense. Our chapter has monthly education meeting and we attend book fairs and other activities that promotes our genre. For more information on the Florida Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime chapter, here you go.

BB: What is the local author community like where you are?

TM: Our local author communities are very supportive of each other which makes our events more fun.

BB: Will you ever write a ghost story?

TM: There’s a ghost in the new B&B series.

Where can we find this great beach reading?

Get all your Teresa Michael books before you go to the beach

TM: Thank you for having me I would love to hear from everyone and connect with you. I have a blog and a Facebook author page, Stay tuned for book 5 and my new series.

That’s a wrap

For those of you that that don’t know Teresa Michael is my Mom. We couldn’t be more proud of her and we all love her stories. I am always so proud when a friend, or a friend’s mom, co-worker, and colleagues ask me when the next book is coming out. I don’t just love the books because she’s my Mom I really enjoy the books and the novella is a fave. You can power through it in one afternoon at the beach. Go Mom! I love you!

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